Burn Care

How to Prevent Burn Progression with Burn Care Products

We never know when the accidents can happen. But it is good to be prepared for them and know what to do to avoid serious injuries. Getting burns is a very painful experience. Such patients can experience a painful feeling of skin numbness, tightness or a burning sensation as the skin heals. Many people get burned by fire, heat, sunlight, electricity, hot water, chemicals, etc. So, how to prevent burn progression and give proper burn care to injured persons? You can protect anyone against burns by taking proper steps and giving first aid with our burn care products. Whether you are a parent, student, teacher or emergency responder, with the help of these special products everyone can protect himself and others in case of a fire. Burn Sprays, fire blankets, water gel wraps, burn cream, dressing gels and ointments for treating first and second degree burns are all those burn treatment products which can easily treat burns.


Fire safety or burn care is important to anyone. Fire blanket is a great solution for those people who want to prevent fire from spreading. Blankets are usually made of various materials depending on what they are used for. Fire blankets are used to wrap or cover the affected area, cover burning people or when you need to get out of the room that is on fire. With this useful product you can quickly put out a small fire. Another great product of burn care is a burn blanket. This is a saturated item with a bacteriostatic water and gel substance. Burn blankets are used in fire fighting operations and as burn care treatment of people. This burn care product helps to decrease edema, reduce pain and prevent further damage of the skin.

Burn dressing

There are many types of dressings. Burn dressings help to cool, relieve pain and prevent contamination and burn progression. Dressings are designed to protect a commonly burned area and minimize trauma or tissue damage. You can use gauze and fabric dressings which can protect nearly every degree of burn wound or water gel dressings that are coated with gel, protecting a burn by sealing it off from air and bacteria. There are also new types of antiseptic dressings which can be used on all types of burns. Burn dressings must be applied directly to the wound and covered with a protective bandage.

Cool jel

When it comes to burn injuries, it is always necessary to cool and sooth the ones. By using cool jel you can relieve your pain in a quick way. You can find cool jels packed in a convenient squeeze bottles or dispenser boxes well-suited for emergencies.

Burn cream

With burn cream you can soothe pain and keep your wound clean. The cream has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which are ideal for burns, cuts and scrapes.

Burn Pump Spray

Burn Pump Spray relieves pain, soothes wounds and treats minor burns. With the help of Aloe Vera this great spray helps to protect the damaged skin and prevent infection.

Industrial burn stations

With high-quality burn stations you are able to localize infection, ease pain and act as fast as possible in case of emergency. Industrial burn stations contain everything needed to relieve the pain, sterilize wounds and dress them properly. The station is well mounted and is ideal for offices and workplaces of any size. Compatible compartments and instant access to burn care products makes it an essential thing during emergencies.

Burn kits

With burn kit you can be prepared for any burn emergency. The kit offers a great variety of burn dressings and burn jels for all types of burns. Small or large burn kits are easy to carry and are perfect for different work environments.

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