Car First Aid Kits

No one is protected from accidents but you can feel more confident in any situation if you know how to act and which medical components to use in case of any accidents. Having a well-arranged first-aid kid in your car will contribute to your confidence. Auto first aid kits offer one and multi personal kits, professional kits and also an original highway emergency kit.

Accidents Can Happen: How to be Prepared with Car First Aid Kits?

People are often faced with accidents on the road. We never know when the need can arise, but the first few minutes are very important. Car accidents can happen when you least expect it. We don't like to think about such unpleasant things as injuries, bleeding and burns, but being prepared for them in the event of emergency can protect us from death. When the accident happens it is important to help the person until medical help can arrive. No matter, who you are a car owner or a passenger, car first aid kit is a necessity. With the help car kits people can save the life of someone, help other drivers, protect their families and prevent further problems from arising.

Why it is important to have a first aid kit?

  • It is required by law that all cars should carry a well-stocked first aid kit suitable for treating minor first aid injuries.
  • First aid kits for car are specifically designed to treat minor injuries and save time in the emergency. Covering everything from small cuts and scratches to severe bleeding and burns a first aid kit is a must for any driver on the road.
  • You can clean, disinfect and protect minor wounds and create ideal conditions for fast healing of your skin.


There are many varieties of first aid kits for your auto. You can find great kits in all sizes and shapes. Different colours, high quality and great design will surely make you happy and safe. Car first aid kit is easy to carry and will be great for keeping in any car. The kit can be always at hand when you travel helping you to treat minor injuries immediately, wherever that may be.

You can find auto first aid kits in three different options. Mini, medium and large kits contain a lot of essential first aid items. Many kits for car have easy access pocket system. Pockets are clearly labeled with description and pictures for special first aid care. The kits are airtight and waterproof and can be easily put in your handbag. Size, shape and content could be customized.

First aid kit contents

Compact and comprehensive car first aid kits contain many useful items. They should include extra-strength non-aspirin tablets, ibuprofen tablets, antiseptic cleansing wipes, antibiotic ointment pack, instant cold compress , insect sting relief pads for protection, a variety of bandages in several sizes (patch plastic bandages, adhesive plastic bandages, junior adhesive plastic bandages) for small cuts and burns. Items for severe bleeding and burns like first aid tape roll and combine pads should also be included. Other items to add include latex gloves, sterile gauze pads, assorted safety pins, a bee sting kit, a CPR mask and various first aid skin treatments for different types of wounds. Another item to use in your first aid kit is a first aid manual. This manual will explain you how to give first aid to injured persons and what to do in case of emergency. Written instructions on how to provide first aid and be prepared for situations that require fast reaction will reduce more serious medical complications.

Before buying the first aid kit, consider how it will be used, how long you'll be travelling and how many people are going. Depending on the number of people travelling in your car, you can expand the number of first aid items.


Check your kits to ensure that expiration dates are valid. Most medicines can be dangerous when expired. Don't forget to replenish your kit after using any first aid items from it.

With a first aid kit in your car you can always be ready if an accident or medical emergency occurs. Having the right first aid products in your hand can help you act quickly!

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