First Aid Cabinets

Unexpected accidents resulting in traumas and diseases can happen at any working place. In order to minimize the consequences of such accidents every employer should arrange appointing a certain person who will be responsible for selecting necessary components for the first-aid kit, keeping them in necessary quantity, observing their validity dates and replacing them when the validity dates expire. Every employee should be aware of the location of your first aid cabinets kits.

First Aid Cabinets: Your Professional Safety

Every day, every minute employees around the world are exposed to many dangers, which can cause an accident, trauma or even death. About 50% of accidents at the workplace are common to many companies. Most accidents result from unsafe workplace environments. People can not only suffer from manual handling injuries as well as bodily harm, but they can also suffer from emotional stress. Slips, falls, muscle injuries, chemical burns, electric injuries and shocks are those common types of workplace accidents that can result from everyday work activities. It is the responsibility of every employer to prevent injuries and protect the employees from any accidents. Sudden traumas can happen any time and many examples have been listed already. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or not, keeping first aid cabinets will help you to react quickly in case of emergency.

Varieties of cabinets for first aid products

It is extremely necessary to have an office first aid kit. Nowadays first aid cabinets come in a great variety of sizes that are manufactured for commercial use. You can find cabinets that are suitable for all types of industries. The metal case first aid cabinets are designed for maximum strength and long-lasting durability. Different models of them are sure to meet your commercial and individual needs. You can find and buy such cabinets as:

2-shelf cabinet

Offices, work sites and small businesses up to 75 people can fit their industrial or individual needs with attractive 2-shelf cabinet. This metal cabinet holds over 400 items and is perfect for indoor or outdoor storage. Wall-mounted product offers easy refilling with colourful and accessible reordering schematic.

3-shelf cabinet

3-shelf cabinets give confidence in your ability to handle first aid emergencies from small cuts to burns and bleeding. These items are designed for medium sized businesses, departments and offices and can serve up to 100 people. The metal cabinets contain a great variety of useful items suitable for treating minor injuries.

4-shelf cabinet

4-shelf first aid cabinet is a large well-stocked station that is designed for commercial settings. 4-shelf wall mounted cabinet is highly versatile and useful for immediate first aid care. With premium first aid products of this functional product you will be able to treat slight cuts, deep cuts and scratches, burns, eye and body injuries, etc.

Cabinet contents

First aid station should include adhesive plastic bandages, fabric bandages, knuckle and fingertip fabric bandages, conforming gauze roll bandages and triangular bandages to bandage large wounds. In addition, the first aid kit must also include different types of gauze pads.  Other items to add include instant cold compress, extra strength pain reliever, aspirin tablets, alcohol cleansing pads, triple antibiotic ointment packs and burn spray. Depending on the type of workplace some cabinets will also need to contain products which can remove chemicals from eyes or skin. Additional items like first aid guide, stainless steel tweezers, scissors and exam-quality vinyl gloves should also be included into the station.

3 smart reasons to buy metal case first aid cabinet

  1. The contents of cabinets are sensitive to the needs of your employees;
  2. You can treat your employees' discomforts with quality products for different types of problems;
  3. The assortment of quality products helps to treat minor cuts and abrasions, thermal or chemical burns, eye irritation, personal discomforts and trauma.

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