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    • Industrial First Aid Kits (19) - Unexpected accidents resulting in traumas and diseases can happen at any working place. In order to minimize the consequences of such accidents every employer should arrange appointing a certain person who will be responsible for selecting necessary components for the industrial first aid kit, keeping them in necessary quantity, observing their validity dates and replacing them when the validity dates expire. The most important thing is that the components of the first-aid kit correspond to the types of traumas and diseases which can happen. Every employee should be aware of the location of the first aid kit.<br /><br /> We are offering you high quality industrial first-aid kits at reasonable prices: having one of them at hand will allow you being armed with necessary resources when you face an accident at working place.
    • First Aid Cabinets (18) - Unexpected accidents resulting in traumas and diseases can happen at any working place. In order to minimize the consequences of such accidents every employer should arrange appointing a certain person who will be responsible for selecting necessary components for the first-aid kit, keeping them in necessary quantity, observing their validity dates and replacing them when the validity dates expire. Every employee should be aware of the location of your first aid cabinets kits.
    • Welding Helmets and Lens (5)
    • Contractor Safety (20) - When your first-aid kid is well arranged you can face common traumas with confidence, and treat them efficiently. It is extremely important for the contractor safety to have a particularized list of items to treat emergencies like as major bleeding and minor cuts, eye injuries, burns, etc. The contractor first-aid kits we offer will allow you using their content for quite a long period, to carry and apply them with comfort.
    • Restaurant First Aid Kits (1) - Employers should guarantee that their employees have working places protected from any evident danger which can result in a serious injury or fatal outcome. At your restaurant first aid kit with all necessary components must be at hand. Your business will benefit from complementing the workplaces with the things which allow employees feeling safe and cared of. Food Industry First Aid Cabinets consider special needs of restaurant business in burn relieves, finger cots and so on.
    • Landscapers Kits (1)
    • Logger's First Aid Kits (2)
    • Trucker's Kits (1)
    • Vehicle Kits (2)
    • Welders Kits (1)
    • Hearing Protection (19)
    • Hard Hats (61)
    • Car First Aid Kits (30) - No one is protected from accidents but you can feel more confident in any situation if you know how to act and which medical components to use in case of any accidents. Having a well-arranged first-aid kid in your car will contribute to your confidence. Auto first aid kits offer one and multi personal kits, professional kits and also an original highway emergency kit.
    • Pet First Aid Kits (2) - Having pet at home imposes certain obligations on the owner: animals can become sick or suffer an injury and need your urgent help. You can be prepared for providing fist aid to your pets when you have a pet first aid kit at hand. It contains the medications to stabilize your pet before taking it to the veterinarian. We offer pet first aid care items for dogs, cats, birds and also horses.
    • Travel First Aid Kits (34) - By outdoor activities people usually mean active alfresco pastime in any season, e.g. jogging, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, climbing, swimming, skiing, skating, tobogganing and many others.<br /> When you are planning to spend time outdoor you should bear in mind that outdoor activities require a special responsibility in terms of safety. In order to feel safe alfresco a personal firs-aid kit for outdoor use should be carried with you to act with accuracy and confidence in case of any injury. Travel first aid kit should be carefully checked before going outdoors to contain all necessary medications and first-aid equipment.
    • Gift Ideas and Safety (37) - When you are planning to make a good gift to you near ones you can consider all-purpose first-aid kit: it will be a useful and proper gift for your parents, for your friends who are going to buy a car or planning to spend holiday on a seashore. Our cool gift ideas will help to impress your close people or colleges and show all your concern.<br /> Our collection of first-aid kit offers a large variety of choices: first-kids of any shape, filling and size.
  • BRAND KITS (49)
    • ANSI and OSHA Compliant Kits (6)
    • American Red Cross Items (45) - The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization providing emergency assistance, disaster relief and education. American Red Cross First Aid Kits are well arranged, come-at-able and easy refilled. Be sure to find an American Red Cross First Aid Kit that will meet any purpose, size, cost and standards. But do not forget the content of your first-aid kid should be periodically checked for expiration dates and availability of necessary medications.
    • ANSI First Aid Kits (21) - American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the organization that coordinates U.S. standards with international standards so that American products can be used worldwide; it officially represents International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in U.S.<br /> We offer ANSI first-aid kits which comply with federal OSHA requirements.<br /> From state to state these requirements can vary.
    • Osha First Aid Kits (14) - Osha First Aid Kits meet OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) regulations and also ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Adequate first aid supplies shall be always available on working places as per OSHA workplace safety standards. The purpose of having compliant kit at hand is to be able to provide safe working requirements and treat minor injuries that occur in the workplace.
  • Emergency First Aid Kits (75) - Children's safety is an utmost parents responsibility. You should know how to provide safe environment for your kids at home and outside, and how to act in case of emergencies. If you have a car the first-aid kid should be there too. You should review the manual to be sure you know how to use this or that component of the first-aid kit. If your children are old enough to read the manuals themselves then do this together with them, and explain if necessary. Our emergency first aid kits will allow you acting in proper way in case of non-life threatening accidents. You should periodically check your first-aid kits items for expiration dates and necessary replacements and additions which are offered in our First aid kit REFILLs category.
  • CPR Kits (26) - CPR means cardiopulmonary resuscitation when a closed-chest massage and artificial ventilation is provided to a person; this is the first thing to be done when the person fainted with his/her pulse vanished and breathe stopped. In order to make blood circulate and avoid the brain activity disturbance and death CPR must be provided immediately for saving a persons life.<br /> We offer you CPR kits which can be used in case of the emergencies like above mentioned.
  • General Purpose First Aid Kit (42) - There is no doubt one should be prepared to the emergencies that may occur in different life situations. But it can be difficult to decide between many offered variants like auto, sports or professional kits. In the case it is better to chose a general purpose first aid kit, that will satisfy your safety requirements at home, office and while travelling. These custom kits contain universal and most important products and may be useful in any emergency.
  • Sports First Aid Kits (15) - Sport events require an availability of certain components in sports first aid kits. When playing football, volleyball, and basketball it is more probably that the injuries will be like bruises, grazes, cuts. So you will need to have cold packs, elastic bandages, adhesive plaster, agents for wound dressing, and cotton wool in your first-aid kit. When you go in for cycling, bicycling you may obtain blisters, cricks and sprains. If sport events are taking place outdoor in summer you should take care of having sunscreen in the first-aid kit. As you know when going in for active sports you should be prepared to treating not only one person at a time so the stock of medicaments in your sports first-aid kit should be sufficient.
  • Disaster and Survival Kits (15) - Tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes - what shall we expect to come tomorrow? At time of disaster some simple things as warm clothes, rain poncho, light sticks, medical kits, water and food can save yours and your family lives. Disaster & survival first aid kits have most of these necessary survival supplies. Being prepared will also help you not to worry in the extreme case and do your best in order to overpass it.
  • First Responder Kits (8) - First responder is a person who provides care for medical emergencies, he usually delivers bloodborne pathogens protection, applies splints, controls bleeding, calls for ambulance. So a responder must have ideal outfit to give virtual first aid right at the emergency scene. First Responder kits have to be largeenough to admit first aid and responders personal medical supplies. It is preferable if the bag has many different pockets, pouches, holders and divider to organize inside space.
  • Lifeguard and Coast Guard (61) - A lifeguard is always a well trained swimmer, who has a water rescue and first aid certificate. Lifeguards use wide range of guard equipment according to patrolled area specific conditions. A lifeguard rescue equipment will vary on a beach, in water park or swimming pool. However there is a universal life guard supplies like whistle for drawing attention, a rescue buoy or a rescue tube and a first aid kit.
    • EMS Bags (5) - Emergency medical services are destined to provide an urgent medical care and transport to a point of definitive care. As long as EMS often provide treatment right in the place where illness or injury occurred the doctors must have a convenient well arranged and well stuffed EMS bags to apply a first aid as soon as it is possible and to satisfactorily treat the malady.
    • Rescue Tubes (11) - Rescue tube is the essential equipment being used by lifeguards.They are foam personal flotation devices which support the full weight of rescuer and several victims and ease rescue process. The rescue tubes have a long strap that helps rescuer to swim with the tube at long range. The rescue tubes are red as a rule, but varicoloured tubes also exist. They usually print "Lifeguard" or "Guard" on rescue tubes.
    • Spineboards, Stretchers, Diving Bricks (21) - Spine boards are devices used by lifeguards to prevent spine movement during transportation of victims with spine injuries. They are also used by paramedics, EMTs and other pre-hospital care services. Spine boards are usually made of plastic that can be easily cleaned of blood-borne pathogens and could not harbour bacteria like the wood spine boards. Spine boards or back boards are longer and wider than human body to allow immobilization straps placing and and carrying with side handles. Most of them are typically X-ray translucent and enable strapped to the board patients' examination.
    • Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren (4) - A bullhorn megaphone is a portable hand-held device for amplification of human voice in the intended direction. They are effectively used to address people in open spaces. Therefore megaphones serve for lifeguard communications along with flags, whistles and radios. Modern megaphones are equipped with siren and volume control. When choosing one of plastic megaphones it is important to appreciate needed beam range.
    • Whistles and Lanyards (8) - Whistles are usually used in life-guarding and surviving as warning or safety device that draw attention to the user. Whistles rank among universal guard supplies, because they are small, convenient and provide effective communications in common with megaphones and radio. The whistle can be heard at longer range than human voice and can be used repeatedly. It is usual to wear whistle at neck lanyards.
    • Lifeguard First Aid Kit (1)
    • Blankets (1)
    • Coast Guard Supply (3)
    • Immobilizers (7) - In case a spine injury is suspected a total spinal immobilization must be provided. For this purpose the victim should be placed on a long spine board and fixed with straps. Head immobilizer is also essential in case of spine trauma since it can fix victim's head better then common straps. It is recommended to bring every spine board up to full strength with head and leg immobilizers.
  • Eye Care (105) - Cornea of the eye is extremely sensitive and may be irritated by sun, wind or other agents like chlorinated water or polluted air. Redness reliever or lubricating eye drops will reduce discomfort in such cases, you can select an eye care product for temporary or regular application. In an eye extreme situation it can be necessary to remove foreign materials from the eyes using an eye wash, eye cups and sterile eye pads.
  • Burn Care (30)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Kits (21) - Bloodborne Pathogens is the name for pathogenic microorganisms which every human may have in blood. These microorganisms can cause humans maladies. Among them are quite dangerous viruses, such as: hepatitis B and human immunodeficiency viruses. Bloodborne Pathogen kits which we offer represent the set of medications to protect human body cleaning up in case of biological hazard.
  • Biohazard Cleanup Supplies (22) - Biohazard or biological hazard comes to risk of contamination with microorganisms or viruses emanant from blood or other organism's fluids. When a contact with such virulent materials is possible one must take precautions not to be infected. Wearing protective suit, gloves, procedure masks, hand washing and using biohazard cleanup supplies can be valid according to biohazard level.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness (4) - he Pink Ribbon Foundation is a charity fund supporting people suffering from breast cancer therefore the pink ribbon is internationally known as the symbol of struggle against breast cancer.<br /> Some of our products are marked with the pink ribbon, and buying breast cancer awareness items you demonstrate your desire to support people hoping for the remedy for breast cancer to be found.
  • Disinfectants and Cleaners (9)
  • Fundraising First Aid Kits (21) - A fundraiser is a person whose primary purpose is to raise money or other resources for a charity or non-profit organization. Some charitable organizations involve disaster relief, human rights, humanitarian concerns, researches, and other social issues. We propose to take advantage of our a consummate fundraiser ideas, these fundraising first aid kits are produced with the usage of strict durable materials.
  • Empty Cases, Bags, Cabinets (34) - If you are well informed in first aid kits designing and have some very special needs it could be reasonable to choose one of our empty first aid kits and fill it yourself with our first aid kit refills so you will have your unique home made first aid kit. <strong>Empty first aid kits</strong> will be of use in case your cabinet or case does not answer your demands any more or can be broken, so you may need a new box for your first aid kit. Our aim is to supply you with the best products at affordable prices.
    • Pocket Liners (4) - The better a first aid kit is organized the sooner an injured person will be applied first aid to. Pocket liner is a cunning gadget capable of bringing some extra storage space and order to any first aid cabinet. It turned out to be very effectively to use transparent pocket liners at inner doors of different size first aid cabinets. One can also use this 8, 12, 20 or 22 pocket organizers to store other small parts at an ambry or a storeroom.
  • REFILLS (657) - All first aid guides recommend to keep vigilant watch over your emergency box filling. Our first aid kit refills embody every single product you may need, i.e. bandages, tapes, wraps, dressing pads, face shields, cpr products and emergency preparedness refills, eye care products, gloves, tablets and antiseptic ointment. Good first aid kit is a properly refilled one.
    • Antiseptics and Ointments (64) - With antiseptic supplies one can disinfect hands, wounds, dressing material and medical appliances in case of injury. It is very significant for avoiding infection and future illness. Antiseptic spray gives effective treatment for minor cuts, abrasions and scratches, burns, offers pain relief and infection protection, soothes itching. It is very easy to use. When one have such skin lesion like burns and sunburns please apply cold or burn spray.
    • Wound Care Dressings (28) - Anyone can suffer an injury at home, workplace or travel: cut, burn, wound etc. are requiring an immediate first aid. Here are some obligatory supplies essential while abrasion wounds, putting medication on and wound care dressing: dressing pads, gauze pads, sponges and bandages. After first aid treatment one should apply to the hospital if the wound is deep or numb.
    • Lab Clothes (10)
    • Lap Sponges (4)
    • Mineral Oil (1)
    • Wet Pack Products (6)
    • Personal Bibs (3)
    • Plastic Drinking Cups (3)
    • Povidone Products (6)
    • Stretch Gauze Bandage Rolls (8)
    • Stretch Gauze Bandages (3)
    • Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls (15)
    • Specimen Containers (3)
    • Slipper Socks (9)
    • Swabsticks (11)
    • Traffic Safety (2)
    • Underpads (9)
    • Antibacterial wipes (2) - Antibacterial wipes and antiseptic cleansing pads are fist aid essentials and may be used for wounds, hands and instruments disinfecting. There are alcohol cleansing pads and non-alcoholic antiseptic wipes to use in case alcohol is unacceptable. Sanitizing wipes help to prevent illness and infection while you treat a wounds, minor cuts and abrasions.
    • Ammonia Inhalant (2) - Use ammonia inhalant ampules to avoid or treat sudden fainting spells. Crush the ampule away from the patients face then place it four inches before his nose until he regain senses and feels no faint, or follow your doctor advices. Ammonia inhalant is a stimulant for respiratory use only, one should avoid skin or eye contact. One should also control an ammonia dosage and retract usage if eye or breath problems are evident.
    • Bandages (62) - Bandages are probably the most often necessary first aid items. That's why it is important to have plaster bandages and other prevention items in your safety kit. Using cohesive bandage will protect abrasions and small wounds from contamination. But it is good idea to allow a free access for air to damaged skin area so ventilated bandages have to be preferred.
    • Sunscreen Protection (8) - Insolation may cause premature skin aging, deep wrinkles, flecks of sunlight appearance, skin cancer, sunburn, product, medicine and cosmetic photoreaction, skin blisters and rash. According to the last research's results a surplus ultraviolet solar radiation can weaken your immune system. That is why you should wear sunscreen to provide your skin protection in the sun. Apply a sunscreen protection when staying outside for a long time.
    • Emergency Essentials (8) - When preparing to the emergency it is extremely important to arrange required quantity of water, food, first aid, warmth and shelter. It is also good to prepare lights, documents end phone cards, some money and to consider special needs of your family, particularly children and elder members. You should also compose a checklist to achieve complete emergency essentials.
    • Nonprescription Medications (32) - The components to be included in your first aid kit must be defined taking into consideration the special medical needs of your family members or your enterprise sphere. But some must-have nonprescription medications are common and can be listed, you should stock pain, feaver and heartburn relivers, some cough, cold and sore throat treating medications, nausea and nasal congestion tablets.
    • Back Support Belts (6)
    • Inflatable Air Splints (3) - Air splints are the inflatable plastic cylinders that become unbending when swelled with air. They are used for temporarily immobilization for broken, fractured or crushed bones, disrupted joints, burned or otherwise injured extremities. Being rather economical inflatable air splints provide all the required support for fractures and other injuries, decrease edema symptoms, help to minimize blood loss and reduce pain.
    • Smart Tab EZ Refills (40) - The legislation stipulates that each employer must arrange a certain person to take care about first-aid kits at the enterprise in order to be able to provide employees or visitors with the first aid. The person who replies for first-aid kit's being all right will spend less time using smart tab system and optimising reorder process will help to save some money. Smart tab also makes very simple for individual user to find and refill the right supplies in the requisite quantity.
    • Tapes and Bandage Wraps (25) - Adhesive tapes is usually used to fix a gauze, to provide compression and help broken bones splinting. It is very elastic and may be applied to almost any shape without movement restricting. Adhesive tape pieces are irreplaceable in treating blisters or holding lacerations together before stitching. Our range of non-latex tapes and wraps displays a big variety of choices at very reasonable prices.
    • Gloves (57) - Having a well arranged first-aid kit at hand you will be able to efficiently handle bleeding, carry out disinfection and protect an injury from bodily fluids infection and or germs transmission. Gloves must be promptly refilled. You may use our nitrile and vinyl gloves not only in CPR or medical area, they are also suitable for food service and electronic appliance.
    • Hot and Cold Compress Packs (7) - Instant cold compress packs are used to reduce swelling and pain from soft tissues injuries, which often occur during sport and other activities. The cold compress therapy is of particular assistance in strains and sprains, pulled muscles and ligaments treating. A person aggrieved should be compressed for 20 min to reduce muscle pains. A procedure must be repeated up to 6 times a first day and 2-4 times next days.
    • Wipes, pads & towelettes (30) - Antibacterial wipes and antiseptic cleansing pads are fist aid essentials and may be used for wounds, hands and instruments disinfecting. There are alcohol cleansing pads and non-alcoholic antiseptic wipes to use in case alcohol is unacceptable. Sanitizing wipes help to prevent illness and infection while you treat a wounds, minor cuts and abrasions.
    • Procedure Masks (1) - It highly recommended that any medicine procedure where held with usage of face masks. But if you are not involved in any medicine activity you may use procedure masks to be protected of influenza pandemic. To achieve needed infection risk reducing effect respirator or fase mask must be changed with new one after four hours of usage and combined with other measures like hand washing and social restrictions.
    • Personal Protection Products (13) - Biohazard means a danger of toxins or microorganisms contamination coming from from biological materials. We should take all biohazard protection measures while giving a first aid to injured person, biohazard waste disposal or cleaning up blood and bodily fluids. It is common knowledge that disposable personal protection products cope with biohazard control problem to the best advantage.
    • Bandage Scissors (5) - Scissors are essential for any first aid kit. Nursing bandage scissors help to cut bandages or adhesive tapes easily, quickly and safely.
    • Applicator and Wood Products (12)
    • BP/PP Products (15)
    • Tweezers (4) - Tweezers are essential for any first aid kit. Tweezers are widely used in first aid for taking away dirt from wounds and lacerations. Precision tweezers with magnifying glass are irreplaceable when removing small splinters or ticks. Tweezers are also effective for any detail work.
    • Cotton Balls & Rolls (3)
    • CPR Refills (12)
    • Cups & Straws (3)
    • Emergency Blankets (3)
    • Exit & Emergency Lighting (23)
    • Face Masks (9)
    • Hand Sanitizer (5)
    • Krinkle Gauze (2)
    • Instrument Care (12)

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