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Headache Problem

Cindy McCain tried analgesics, massage, acupuncture to give the shake awful migraines she had. She even took crushed guava leaves once in charity mission travel.
Maybe you have the same problem as Cindy and are interested in headache control, this article must help you. Here you will find some suggestions on both treatment migraine attacks and their severity and frequency shortening.

Attacks Treating

Doctors say that suffering from a headache is destructively and one should take remedies as soon as first migraine symptoms take place. If your attacks are from easy to moderate the best way is to begin with pain relievers wich fit into nonprescription drugs. But if the pain is hard you should go to a doctor who will recommend a prescriptive non-steroidal drug, ergotamine or triptan depending on attacks severity.

Be sure not to use any medicines more frequent then 9 days a month. Almost all pharmaceuticals can give rise to rebound headache. If migraine treatment is more often needed, visit your doctor and discuss preventive actions.

Attacks Preventing

For migraine preventing there are both behavioral adjustments and drugs therapy.

Taking headache medicament is reasonable if you have:
* Problems with taking acute cure drugs (contraindications) or they do not help or cause side effects.
* More than one attack per week

You should inform your physician about all medical conditions and history to help him in medication strategy working-out and exclude intense side effects.

Because of eventual side effects any preventive therapy begins at a small dose and drugs full effect can be usually achieved in 3 month. Preventive drugs treatment may be practised on your daily basis or intermittently.

The main drugs of choice for preventing migraines are:
* Beta-blockers (propranolol, timolol)
* Anti-seizures (divalproex, topiramate)
* Tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline)

You should also identify and avoid probable initiators, apply stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

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Headache Problem
Cindy McCain tried analgesics, massage, acupuncture to give the shake awful migraines she had. She even took crushed guava leaves once in charity miss...
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